Starting Again VIII: Sites to Admire — 11

Conquering Anxiety and Isolation With Persistence and Excellent Writing Well I was going to stop my “Starting Again” posts at a nice round number, 10. But a renegade wolf has changed my plans. One of my posts was liked by Chris Nicholas founder of and I went there to discover who was there.... Continue Reading →


Starting Again VII: Sites to Admire — 10 Inspiration, Instruction, and Advice from Smart In the back of my mind, I’ve been wondering, “Is it too late to start a blog in 2018?” I was relieved to read in Jon Morrow’s blog that the idea of blogging is not out of date. According to content marketing will be a $300... Continue Reading →

Starting Again VI: Sites to Admire — 9

Business Solutions in a Not-for-Profit World I have known about Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholics for years. I am a volunteer religious education coordinator and have taken advantage of his reasonably priced parish resources and our parish regularly buys and gives away his books. We are a very small parish so much of the... Continue Reading →

Starting Again V: Site to Admire — 8 Dear Bea Torres, you are a wonder. I found answers to my questions and inspiration on you online business website and from you blogs. I will be quoting from your website here. I give you complete credit, so I hope my quotes will not violate your copyrights. Getting the Attention of the Consumer I... Continue Reading →

Starting Again Part IV: Sites to Admire – 7

Blog Set Up is a Lot Like A Mad Science Experiment Today I am studying the Farmers’ Almanac Blog at to see what I can learn about a blog site from the guys that are into the weather, the skies, food, and manure. The Mystery of Web Terminology It is tedious to try to talk... Continue Reading →

About Us

I am Rita Janssen, a freelance writer and editor with 20+ years of experience editing, writing, and publishing along with extensive experience in retail sales, business marketing, and environmental science. I have a degree in Professional Writing from the University of New Mexico that includes a minor in Biology. I am the founder of The... Continue Reading →

Starting Again III: Sites to Admire – 5 and 5

This is the third post in my series on websites to admire while I am starting again in a new career. I am picking these sites because I am learning things about building a website, blogging, and content marketing for my new freelance life and these websites are teaching me things I need to know.... Continue Reading →

Mexico City: Hope of the Poor; Saints and Superheroes in Realtime The Mexico City Dump Last night, for the second time in my life, I was privileged to hear Craig and Danny talk  (and Danny play guitar and sing) about the status of their mission to the poor of Mexico. They help the real poor, the poor who live in the dump and carry the... Continue Reading →

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