Struggling to let go

As the leaves fall, the sun sets sooner, and the nights grow colder.  I realize that the seasons help us appreciate it all.  New perspective is new life.

Sure this has been said hundreds and thousands of times.  However its hard not to recognize the moments when it is most obviously so clear.  I ask myself. “Are the changing seasons always so clear?”  Ultimately, the answer has to be yes.  If we did not see it, we felt it. If we did not feel it, we hear it.  We (I) may not want to see, feel, or hear these changes, because they have an effect on us.  The question becomes: Are we prepared? Have we prepared? And, how are we prepared?

In todays society, prepared is different for so many of us.  Just a mere hundred years ago, prepared for winter was different than what it is today.  Or was it?

No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but if we are looking, we are preparing.  If we are feeling, we are anticipating.  If we are hearing, we are changing.  Hopefully we are learning and therefore it is becoming easier and more rewarding.

God calls us differently at different times.  Might I suggest we become seasoned.  I know I need hay for my animals, wood for my stove, and warmer blankets on my bed.  I imagine people in other parts of the world are needing seeds for their gardens, water for their plants, fans to blow the heat away.  It is an amazing and mysterious thing to think of how differently the world is for each and every person.

And so I suggest we be open minded.  Enjoy the moments, pray for the day, and work hard to be kind and thoughtful of others. Be like nature and go with the flow. Look, feel, and listen.  Is not a tree such a beautiful gift from God.  Do you think the trees are able to watch, feel, or hear?

We will have to continue preparing.   It must be what God wants us to do. The answers may not be clear, but they are there. It is never too late to prepare for a better tomorrow until that moment is past us, and then, whether we were prepared or not, we just have to let it go.

Keep in mind that future generations need you.  We are all setting examples.  The seasons are changing.  Loving the moment and having hope is the path to follow. Teaching others to prepare is human tradition.

God thank you for the seasons.  Help us to prepare.  Thank you for new perspectives and new life.  May we be open minded and thoughtful to others.  Able to teach when called to do so, able to help others with the resources at our fingertips.  In the end please forgive me for the times I have failed to just let it go, to appreciate the seasons, to respect others.

For if I had not felt hot, how could I know cold. How can we be better prepared to enter into your kingdom than to prepare and let go.  Focus on the moment and be open minded. Do not condemn, but forgive.  In God all things are possible and its okay that your moment is different than mine.

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