Ten Great Ideas for Today


  1. Build a 6-foot Paper mâché Mother Theresa for next year’s Maple Leaf float. With cardboard and glued on tissue flowers to cover up the trailer.

2. Write every day for 3 hours. If you are a writer, act like one.

3. Write the names of everyone I know on a construction paper gingerbread man and pray for them.

4. Make sweet potatoes into dog food.

5. Do a pastel drawing of weeds and good plants growing together.

6. Cut tree limbs and make a teepee for next year’s beans to grow on.

7. Start a story about 2 dogs on a hobby farm.

8. Plant another maple tree so it will grow up to be red and beautiful in 15 years or so.

9. Walk around Baldwin or Lawrence and take pictures of the trees.

10. Save zinnia and marigold seeds from the old plants to plant next year.cropped-img_000035191.jpg

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