Mexico City: Hope of the Poor; Saints and Superheroes in Realtime

The Mexico City Dump

Last night, for the second time in my life, I was privileged to hear Craig and Danny talk  (and Danny play guitar and sing) about the status of their mission to the poor of Mexico. They help the real poor, the poor who live in the dump and carry the smell of the dump with them no matter if they shower. They work themselves, with their own hands, hearts, and heads, to help the poor overcome crippling psychological conditions, combat drug addictions, and make the journey from homeless and helpless to becoming hopeful and productive members of the society. They host mission trips to teach youth about the value of the poor, so this generation can discover ways of serving.

Craig and Danny

Many of the children who live in the Mexico City dump quit going to school because they are bullied because they cannot hide their poverty. People don’t hug them because they stink. Some of them as children ran from their homes to escape physical and sexual abuse, were “rescued” by human traffickers, and escaped again to live on the streets, or in the dump. They need food, love, medical support, education, homes, the basics. These are not the people with the wherewithal and the backing to caravan to the United States from far countries. One needs to go to these people and Craig and Danny do that.

Inspiring a Generation

Let me tell you about their brochure. It is their first and though there are a few typos, the words and pictures reach right into your heart and grab it. Quoting their brochure, “Hope of The Poor was founded to inspire this generation to step into the lives of the poor to alleviate the poverty of being unloved. We believe people can change lives and be impacted through having one person believing in them.”

KU Students from the Lawrence Center go to Mexico City

Last night I heard the story of the first tour of Kansas University Students who went to Mexico City to help the poor and who jumped right off the bus and with their open hearts started helping people carry their loads without hesitation, playing with the children, and all in all, seeing the people as people like themselves deserving of acknowledgement and assistance. The missionaries were so happy with the students that they can’t wait to take another group next year.

The 100-Copy Brochure

Again, from their limited-edition brochure with only 100 copies in print, “Hope of the Poor” results in establishing relationships with the homeless, caring for people who are unloved, taking kids off the street, and many times results in getting the kids off of drugs.”

hope of the poor

Hope of the Poor also serves the native Island villages of Southeast Alaska and the Omaha and Winnebago reservations in Nebraska. An important part of the mission of Hope of the Poor is to hire staff from those they serve and provide a living allowance.

The work of Hope of the Poor is funded entirely by the support of generous donors. We are in need to hire additional staff, fund the feeding of meals to the homeless, and provide housing for taking families off the street.

To learn more about Hope of the Poor’s mission please visit the website,

Or write Hope of the Poor P.O. Box 6081, Lincoln, NE 68506

Craig Johring at (402) 452-1713Danny Leger at (402)578-3715

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