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Dear Bea Torres, you are a wonder. I found answers to my questions and inspiration on you online business website and from you blogs. I will be quoting from your website here. I give you complete credit, so I hope my quotes will not violate your copyrights.

Getting the Attention of the Consumer

I started looking at “” as a consumer, looking at the page “Best 15 Standing Desks for Your Small Business” post that Bea Torres wrote on October 11, 2018.   She will probably get a commission from me in the future because I set up an account at Uplift Desks from her site and have an order pending the opening of my little Baldwin City office.

Affiliate Marketing Revisited with A Pro

As she says in her “About Me,” Bea Torres has been working at home on the internet, making money, for ten years. This is exactly what I want to do. I read most of her blogs after looking at the desks, starting with, “What Is Affiliate Marketing & How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2018.” I looked at this blog first because of the graphic. There is a person sitting in front of his computer with his arms raised in triumph, just as I will be if I get an affiliate marketing application approved. Bea’s blog was very helpful and inspirational after my affiliation marketing bad science day last week when nothing worked. I’m not giving up though and I am starting again, today, a rainy Monday. But inside, I am anything but gloomy. My brain is alight with interest and I am full of energy. I can almost count on one hand the number of days I have felt like this on Monday.

Social Media Marketing — Likes and Follows

So how do you start an affiliate marketing business at home? I quote

“Step one: find a product.

Step two: find the target audience for that product.

Step three: Put your product in front of your target audience.”

When Bea uses social media to promote her product, she puts here affiliate link in her posts and then goes to the posts of people interested in the sort of thing she has to offer and “likes” them and starts following them. She did that to me and it worked. It took a few of her likes and follows of my posts to build my curiosity about her and what she was up to as well as wonder why she liked my blog. And, she is up to what I am interested in. I’m not so interested in going around liking people and products, I’m interested in doing what she is doing, using the internet to market and make money while I work as my own boss at home.

How did she find me? She found a site I was following, probably Amazon and saw that I was looking for stand and sit desks and computers online.

Use the Internet for Your Own Good

Finally, Bea at says, “Use it [the internet] for your own good, use it for your future. I promise you can do [what] you want with the right information, and the good news is, you have all the information in the world.”

Next, I’m looking at her blog called “Top Ten On-line Business Ideas” by Bea Torres on She says you should offer something you are good at and provide a good service to your customers, so you get repeat business. Smart advice.

I am a writer and editor. What does she suggest in my area? Well there is resume writing. There is the online virtual assistant that looks interesting. A virtual assistant is assigned tasks like research and maybe content writing by companies. Businesses assign specific tasks to virtual assistants that they don’t want to pay in-house employees to do. The term’ virtual assistant’ is a good one for me to know in my searching for freelance work. She mentions the book author, which I am exploring already. Freelancing is on her list. I’m doing that by looking for work on and will advertise soon in more places as a freelance writer.


B2C and B2B

In another very interesting and informative blog, Bea explains the differences between Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) Marketing. This is another term that has been thrown around in the pages I have read that I did not understand. In her blog “The Truth Behind 4 of the Biggest Online Selling Myths,” Bea talks about B2C and B2B shopping habits and their differences, discusses drop shipping, and the impact negative customer comments may or may no have on your business. Did you know that over half of B2B purchases are done online now and that businesses do more research than individuals before they buy?

The Headline

I’ve always worked in scholarly writing. Commercial writing has never been something I looked at closely or seriously. For the most part, I have always written to write, not to sell, except in the case of proposals in response to requests for proposals. Thus, I am learning many things reading these business posts. Over and over I hear that the headline is the most important sentence on the page of any marketing content. Bea Torres says it clearly when she reminds us that you must know your audience and do your research before you write. I usually don’t. I write as I research as you know if you are reading this blog. I write as I learn. But I know better than to turn it into the teacher.

Bea says our headlines need to

Tap into the moment of delight that is created when our desire to learn something new sparked. The curiosity and expectation of learning something you need to know is very attractive.

Make it sound rare with the scarcity marketing technique seen in the words “Limited availability and hurry.” I see this one all the time in the clothing ads I receive by e-mail, such as “Offer ends at midnight” and “Member exclusive sale.” People, she says, want something others don’t have, the rare stuff.

Use numbers in your headline, not as I supposed because numbers come before words alphabetically, but because on the web, numbers stand out because they are rare among so many words and images.

Share something surprising is the next headline principle Bea shares. Do this because it makes people pay attention as our brains process the surprise information. I think I’ve never been a great marketer because I always state the obvious, usually when no one else will, or point out the meaning of what is obvious to me when no one else cares.

Start your headline with “How to” because we are all looking for someone to guide us. Amen to that.

Finally, help people self-identify, like the lady who started the blog “Dear Introvert.” All the introverts signed up and she was so surprised by her popularity.


It is Work, But Work is Good

They say people usually spend mere seconds on a website before they move on. If that is true, I am an anomaly or Bea’s website is the anomaly. I spent hours studying the blogs and looking at the products on the “Online Business, Work from Home” site. This was not a waste of time either. I learned a lot that I need to know, and I learned some new terms that I need to research and I was inspired and encouraged.

Bea made the comment that “Working at home is the trendy thing to do right now.” I think the trend is survival driven for many people who are on the fringes of the popular worker category. Working mothers who wanted to stay home with their children have been in that category for some time. However, I believe that other motivated workers on the fringe also fit into that category:

  • older workers who have experience but are too expensive to hire or keep on board;
  • disabled workers who may limp too much for the popular employee profile;
  • workers and craftsmen passionate about working more in-depth than the current efficient, streamlined workflow culture permits or encourages;
  • college graduates in a glutted field who have college loans to pay off and need work.

All these people, if they have a home, a computer, an internet connection, and the will power, can learn to work online. It is not easy as Bea says, but it is worth it if you put in the effort. I am willing to do that and gratefully able to do so currently.

If you are interested in working at home, visit Bea’s site and see what is there for you.

What I like most about this site is that it is up-to-date, Bea is still posting, and her website is not something she wrote 5 years ago and has not visited since. She is an online business.


P.S. YES! I got my first affiliate marketing program approved with And my first B2B contact for content writing. Triumph!

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