Starting Again VI: Sites to Admire — 9

Business Solutions in a Not-for-Profit World

I have known about Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholics for years. I am a volunteer religious education coordinator and have taken advantage of his reasonably priced parish resources and our parish regularly buys and gives away his books. We are a very small parish so much of the curriculum out there is too high priced for us to afford. The website has an Ambassador Club that donates money through the website so that every Catholic and parish can have access to the best Catholic Programs at low prices or even free.


I never thought, until today, to look up his website as an example online business to study as I learn about blogging as a business. I was sitting in the Confirmation Prep class last Sunday, with Karla and the Junior High kids, watching the second session of Decision Point. I thought, “Wow, This Guy is talking about truth and world views to the junior high. This is what I have been reading about myself in Nancy Pearcey’s books.” I had been thinking about going online and looking for the Catholic version of Nancy Pearcey, and he fell in my lap. I think Dr. Pearcey is probably the smartest woman in the world. Now, I find that Matthew Kelly is smart too and Catholic. Matthew Kelly developed Decision Point for Confirmation preparation. Ten thousand parishes use the program. He is successful.

What is He Doing Right? is sincere. Their mission is to re-energize the Catholic Church in America by developing world-class resources that inspire people to rediscover the genius of Catholicism. His resources are events, videos, and books, and daily reflections that open your heart and mind. This is all very clear on his website. There is no mistaking what he is about.

Dynamic Catholic

Be Bold. Be Catholic

Meeting people where they are…Leading them to where God calls them to be!

Dynamiccatholic,com uses its “About Us” page to explain their mission. Under mission, they state that they are not a website. They are community, a movement, a “group of people much like yourself who are trying to make sense of life and live the best life they can.” They offer help and hope. They say, “We can’t wait to see the look in your eyes when all the pieces fall into place and life finally makes sense.” They are passionate.

Their welcome is the very best, “Welcome to Dynamic Catholic. How can we serve you today?” I love those two sentences spoken in the voice of the servant, the voice of the worker.

Pull Quotes to Catch and Inspire

The two quotes I used above in the “About Us” discussion came out of pull quotes on the “Welcome” page. They sprung out at me and I could not miss them. There was a blue bar to the side and a different larger font used in each pull quotes.

Individual Static Pages for Products

Matthew Kelly’s website “Pages” are static pages primarily. This is the right thing for a business, and I can see myself starting to do this on my own site, with each service described on a page with its prices. There is no blog on his site. He has several ways to donate on a “Get Involved” page but offers volunteer and event hosting opportunities there as well as opportunities for giving money.

Each page has several subcategories for resources in each category. For example, under the ”Free Resources” page, there are the subcategories: Books, Daily Inspiration, Confirmation Prep, Retreats, Every Day Life, and more. Under the category “Parishes,” some of the items like Marriage Prep are repeated along with pricing information.

I think these are menus. His use of menus is something I need to explore. As you click on a category, or a page, only a box menu like a banner comes up with the subcategories listed. The whole page does not open. You can see everything offered and click on what you want without scrolling.

Use of Social Media

I also know that Dynamic Catholic uses social media to build their contact base, because they send e-mails to me, and I have liked them on Linked In. The social media sign up is in the footer of each page. It is not a popup.


Practice for Proficiency

I was thrilled to see that Matthew Kelly is using the business solutions and the internet community to meet people where they are and lead them to where God calls them to be. I have been studying these internet and business tools and sharing my learning process with you in this “Starting Again” series. As you know, I had some work to do in deciding exactly who my audience is and what I want to say or sell. As it turns out, I want two things. How human of me. I want to write for business and write to educate and give resources to adult Catholics like and does. with a little more writing of my own in ebooks and blog on the site.

If I want to write as a business to support other businesses and not-for-profits, I have learned that is called B2B (Business to Business) marketing. If I want to bring God’s light into all the corners of the world, especially to Catholic parents, that is more like B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing. When I try to say both in one blog, I lose my focus and my readers’ focus. I need two blogs, one to discuss Catholicism, virtue, and the ten commandments for humans who want to be happy and teach their children to be happy and another blog to market writing products and services to businesses. For now, my website is my learning and experimental platform, a practice platform where I strive for proficiency in digital communication. My father calls it a developmental site. He is an engineer. And, it is working.

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