About My Work

My work is cultivating your academic & creative achievement.

I am Rita Janssen, a freelance writer and editor with 20+ years of experience editing, writing, publishing, with more experience in service, retail sales, business marketing, and environmental compliance, that shares space in my soul with a playful spirit, and a love of color, plants, animals, and people. I have a degree in Professional Writing from the University of New Mexico that includes a minor in Biology. I am the founder of The Good Seed Co and have set up shop in Baldwin City, Kansas at 810 High St., zip code 66006.

I am an editor with experience editing a broad range of writing, including essays, dissertations, accepted scientific and engineering manuscripts, children’s books, and proposals. My editing experience includes working with writers for whom English is not their native language as well as with native English speakers and writers.

I am a writer providing consistent, engaging, and entertaining content with graphics for business websites. While you cook, build, sew, and labor at your craft, I will help you stay in touch with your clients through interesting and substantial stories and useful information.

I design websites using the WordPress platform that are tailored to your business and budget.

I am an indexer of books and article collections.

I am committed to promoting your creative work and achievement through writing, editing, and online promotion. I am committed to editing your technical or literary manuscript so that it makes sense to and delight your chosen audience.
Please call me at 785-979-0386 if I can help you with your project or e-mail me at rita@goodseedcopublishers.com.

Why the Good Seed Co?

I’ve named this business and website “The Good Seed Co” because good seeds grow even when they are surrounded by weeds. Competition for attention is often stiff, but with nourishment, your project will grow into the light. The idea of the narrative seed is a tool for generating story ideas for young and old writers alike. I know there are many interesting story seeds in your life and business. Never fear, I will not run out of ideas for engaging posts. If you would like to write your business posts for yourself, we can help you get started with a website or fill in for you as a ghost writer when you are busy.

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