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I am Rita Janssen, a freelance writer and editor with 20+ years of experience editing, writing, and publishing along with extensive experience in retail sales, business marketing, and environmental science. I have a degree in Professional Writing from the University of New Mexico that includes a minor in Biology. I am the founder of The Good Seed Co and have set up a new shop in Baldwin City, Kansas at 810 High St., zip code 66006. It is my goal to support communities, businesses, scholars, and student writers in their writing and business endeavors using my own skills and the powerful publishing, marketing, and relationship-building tools of the Internet.

However, I am not alone in this endeavor and the company of writers and editors I am privileged to include in my network of freelance writers and editors are experienced in a broad range of fields: aviation, farming, business, horticulture, child care, elder care, retail marketing, science, engineering, animal husbandry, nutrition, religious education, Spanish language, publishing, literature, and recycling. And, they love writing, writing, writing.

Business Digital Content Writing

The Good Seed Co provides consistent, engaging, and entertaining content for your business website and digital blog. Whether your enterprise is a brick and mortar affair on a street corner or an online business in the Cloud, we are prepared to help you take potential customers behind the scenes of your business to satisfy their curiosity and build their trust. We will post for you several times a week to help you stay in touch with your clients through interesting and substantial stories and useful guides. And, we will not run out of words or ideas.

The Good Seed Co has a full cabinet of content to fill your blog and keep your business in front of your customers. Our products and services keep you in touch with your current customers and help you find new ones. They include

  • Creating meaty list posts
  • Busting myths about your industry
  • Providing answers to common questions about your product or service
  • Writing breaking news stories that relate your business to larger communities in the town, state, country, or world
  • Writing how-to guides about your products
  • Posting meaningful quotes
  • Annotating photo galleries of your activities, like the company picnic or the town festival
  • Writing book reviews about relevant and recent books in your field
  • Writing engaging employee and expert profiles
  • Writing project profilesComprehensive and Collaborative Editing and Indexing

Our company of experienced are committed to editing promoting your creative work and achievement through writing, editing, and online promotion. We are also committed to editing your technical or literary manuscript so that it makes solid sense to your chosen audience.

The Good Seed Co writers are particularly experienced in creating indexes for your book or collection of articles and in helping scholars for whom English is not their native language turn out technical papers in good solid English so that it reaches a broad audience in a well organized and unified voice.

 cropped-macro_biro_writing12.jpgWhy the Good Seed Co?

I’ve named this business and website “The Good Seed Co” because good seeds grow even when they are surrounded by weeds. The idea of the narrative seed is a tool for generating story ideas for young and old writers alike. I know there are many interesting story seeds in your life and business. Never fear, we will not run out of ideas for engaging posts. If you would like to write your business posts for yourself, we can help you get started with a website or keep going with new ideas as tutors or consultants.


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