Business Blogging & Social Media Management

I am convinced that a business blog on your website will help your venture grow and thrive. I think the most effective way for you to use social media is to have a social media manager, someone who will research and draft most posts on your website with you dropping in and writing when you can. And, if you have ideas that you would like me to research and write about, you would send them to me if you do no have the time to pursue the idea.

You might think that the business blog should always be outstanding and original. But you don’t really need to come up with original ideas all the time because there really are no original ideas. Your readers will appreciate routine. They follow you for a reason. You want to stay in brand and not be too wacky.

Posts would be short articles and information about topics that are interesting and useful to your audience. Maybe you want me to write about real estate markets, health care, religious education, or general business practices and job markets, as well as more specifically about your products and services. At the end of each blog will be a personal message or signature and your contact information.

The articles on your website will then be automatically shared with your social media sites and attract new people who might become part of your audience and keep people who are already your audience interested in what you do and sell so that when they need something, they will think of you.

You can also have me, as your social media managers deliberately share specific articles with groups on your Facebook page.

The blog would create short easy-to-read content and repeat key words from your industry that your customers might be using to search the internet. We should include some keywords in every post, about 2 per paragraph, and no more than 3 different key words in each post. We don’t want to spam the customer. We would repeat the key words weekly or monthly. Consistent posting of content will draw attention to your business website by lifting it in search engine results.

For the most part, we should post original content that incorporates and references information and other experts in your industry and it related industries, bringing together interesting content that will interest your readers. We can occasionally repost something interesting from someone else if we write something about it. In order to do this, I would monitor the online news and then, on your behalf, find things to comment on and post.

If you would like, I can schedule them with graphics in place or leave them in draft form for you to post, by pushing  “publish.” You and I can schedule posts for the future too. For example, I can write two posts today, but scheduled one to post tomorrow and one to post next week.

You might think there are not enough interesting things to say about your business, but I think there is a lot we can say using the strategies below to generate ideas and posts:

Below are some strategies:

  1. List posts: Write about something like the 5 biggest myths about your industry. These “list” posts are short and numbered. They are meaty, but consistent in length between themselves. They should stand on their own subheadings and stay on topic. The list should have a great title. A number in the heading helps the search engine pick up the article because the number stands out from all the text and images on the web.
  2. Behind the scenes: Take the reader behind the scenes of your business. This would be maybe some article about how you do some part of the business or a story about how you got into the business.
  3. Answer common consumer questions.
  4. Write a post inspired by breaking news that relates to your business.
  5. Write a “how to” about something in your glossary.
  6. Post an interview with an expert in the business.
  7. Write or repost a story about something in history that relates to your business.
  8. Post customer profiles.
  9. Post celebrity profiles that involve their real estate.
  10. Share a powerful, funny, or inspirational quote.
  11. Write a review of a recent or classic book published about your field.
  12. Write about topics of interest in your regions, urban, small town, Baldwin, Kansas.
  13. Review complementary or even competitors’ products.
  14. Share personal stories and items like: “The most important things I learned,” or “the best thing about being in the business of ….”

Task 2: Social Media Check and follow up

Another potential part of the social media manager’s job would be to check to make sure the posts are appearing on the sites they should be to make sure your message is getting out there and answering or calling your attention to replies and comments from the readers. Tracing down the website problems might be more than I am capable of though. We could do that together by phone.

Task 3: Mailchimp e-mail campaigns

We can also start putting a welcome message and “did you know” tips from the posts on the website in mailchimp e-mails and sending them to the people who sign up for your list on your website. Do you ever sponsor “events?” You could use mailchimp to help with that as well.

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