Starting Again VIII: Sites to Admire — 11

Conquering Anxiety and Isolation With Persistence and Excellent Writing Well I was going to stop my “Starting Again” posts at a nice round number, 10. But a renegade wolf has changed my plans. One of my posts was liked by Chris Nicholas founder of and I went there to discover who was there.... Continue Reading →


Starting Again VII: Sites to Admire — 10 Inspiration, Instruction, and Advice from Smart In the back of my mind, I’ve been wondering, “Is it too late to start a blog in 2018?” I was relieved to read in Jon Morrow’s blog that the idea of blogging is not out of date. According to content marketing will be a $300... Continue Reading →

Starting Again VI: Sites to Admire — 9

Business Solutions in a Not-for-Profit World I have known about Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholics for years. I am a volunteer religious education coordinator and have taken advantage of his reasonably priced parish resources and our parish regularly buys and gives away his books. We are a very small parish so much of the... Continue Reading →

Starting Again V: Site to Admire — 8 Dear Bea Torres, you are a wonder. I found answers to my questions and inspiration on you online business website and from you blogs. I will be quoting from your website here. I give you complete credit, so I hope my quotes will not violate your copyrights. Getting the Attention of the Consumer I... Continue Reading →

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