Copyediting Service

I have more than two decades of experience writing and editing for government, academic societies, and business. My copyediting service is committed to polishing your writing, applying U.S. style conventions, finding and fixing spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors while maintaining your tone and voice.

I read everything, suggest corrections, and point out inconsistencies using Word’s comment functions. My primary aim is to make sure your writing makes sense, reads smoothly, and achieves your goals. My queries and suggestions are clear, thorough, and friendly.

I deliver accurate work on time or early so we can work together to answer questions and iron out details.

Most of my work focuses on editing academic papers, dissertations, and journal articles about biology, chemistry, medicine, energy, business, and education. I also edit Web content and books. I work with both non-native English and native English speakers. Although I started editing back in the days of red pens and sticky notes, I do edit in Word, can provide redlines, but do not edit in Latex.

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My prices are
Next day delivery 10.00 a page
2-day delivery 7.00 a page
3- day delivery 6.00 a page
4-day delivery to one-week delivery 4.00 a page
A page is defined as 300 words

Please send me, Rita, an e-mail at for an estimate.

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