Help for Student and Post Grad Authors

The Good Seed Co Publishers and Promoters are professional writers and editors committed to promoting your creative work and achievement through writing, editing, online promotion, and tutorial assistance.

There are several ways we can help you:

  1. Plan and develop your publication by meeting with you, communicating by e-mail, reviewing drafts and generating ideas. Focusing your ideas and organizing your writing tasks are difficult when you first start a project, and another pair of eyes with experience in publication management is always helpful. Sometimes you just need to know what to do next (or first) and how to flesh out your idea. Encouragement is a lovely thing.
  2. Editing your dissertation, scholarly article, memoirs, creative work of fiction or art. When you have a draft, we can help you put it into the style of the publication you are aiming to publish in.  Perhaps you are interested in publishing in a medical journal or an engineering journal.  We can find the style you need and help you get a leg up on submitting your work for peer review and eventual acceptance by editing your work to the style you choose.
  3. We are not afraid of scientific and engineering subject matter. We currently edit in the fields of molecular research, energy, cell metabolism, and cancer research and have years of experience editing journals in veterinary science, wildlife management, special education, aerospace, and health science.
  4. Assisting you with online or print publication. There are several self publishing vendors you can use to sell your work for little or no cost. We can help you sort out online publications vendors, find one for you, and help you look at printers costs.
  5. Proofreading your work. Proofreading is the skill of putting a final eye to the work and catching the errors that the reader will catch, only before the reader has a chance to.
  6. Creating tables of contents. Putting the book together requires front and back matter pages that you may want help creating.  This would include covers, toc, masthead page, and advertising.
  7. Indexing your work. We provide both author and subject matter indexing for all subject areas.
  8. Promoting your work through online and print advertising. Once you have your ebook online or your hard copies in hand, it is time to sell them.  We provide online content that will help you bring your project to the world and keep it there with consistent e-mail or blogging content.
  9. Tutoring in our office by appointment for local Baker University and Kansas University students. Since we love writing, we want everyone to love writing and sometimes that starts with learning the basics, receiving good grades, and finishing assignments.  We have over 5 years of tutoring experience and are always available to help you learn the writing craft and review your assignments.

Send an e-mail to for an appointment or an online estimate.


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