Struggling to let go

As the leaves fall, the sun sets sooner, and the nights grow colder.  I realize that the seasons help us appreciate it all.  New perspective is new life. Sure this has been said hundreds and thousands of times.  However its hard not to recognize the moments when it is most obviously so clear.  I ask... Continue Reading →


Starting Again II: Sites to Admire – Three and Four

Getting started on a Monday after the Maple Leaf Festival here in Baldwin City, Kansas can be a challenge. You are weary and weary sometimes leads to worry especially when you are looking for your new vocation, waiting for God to give you a wink or a nod so you know which way to go... Continue Reading →

Starting Again: Sites to Admire – The First Two

Getting started in your own business after being laid off after 20-plus years of working for someone else is a challenge, but somehow fun. There are butterflies in your stomach as you tussle with your own ideas about your identity as a writer and an editor, as you list your strengths and weaknesses and stack... Continue Reading →

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